Registering your child |

Registering your child

If you are considering registering your child at Karel de Grote, we recommend that you make an appointment with the school board. 


You can do this by calling 040-2512628

A conversation with the board means that extensive time is taken to inform you about the course of events at our school and the enrollment of your child. Of course you also get the opportunity to ask questions.


After this conversation you will be guided through the school. Before you go home, you will receive an information package that you can consult at home to make an informed decision.


It is possible to download our registration forms in this App in Dutch or English.

Aanvragen afspraak

Vul onderstaande gegevens in (graag met geboortedatum van uw kind) zodat wij contact met u op kunnen nemen voor het aanmelden van uw kind(eren)